First Baptist Church - Clanton, AL
Monday, August 21, 2017
A Church with a Passion for His Purpose

Bulletin Board


Deacons of the Week:  August 13th - August 19th

Ronald Smith, Gene Sorrell

Church Security:  August 20, 2017

Richard Moore, Wayne Traywick

Church Security:  August 27, 2017
Brison Mote, Robert Arnold
Wednesday Family Supper:

CLC Fellowship Hall - 5pm
August 16th     Fish, Slaw, Hushpuppies, Baked Beans, Salad, Tea & Dessert
August 23rd     Chicken & Rice, Green Beans, Salad, Tea & Dessert




August 1st - 31st


1st -       Ethan Smitherman

2nd -      Shelby Davis, Sidney Norman                           

3rd -       Caroly Lynn Adams, Larry Culpepper, Hunter A. Hurst, Carolyn Rives, Quinton Traywick

4th -       Sondra Maddox, Shirley Norman, Treva Patterson

5th -       Terri Connell, Judy Easterling, John Sullivan

6th -       Amos Easterling, Lily Newton, Douglas Powell

7th -       Logan Cleckler, Keith Easterling, Charles Glass, Mary Mell Smith

8th -       Sam Mims, Lydia Newton, Autumn Smith 

9th -       William Maddox

10th -      Leah Easterling, Brenda Sullivan

11th -      Ramona Popwell, Rusty Rives 

12th -      Bill Speaks

13th -     

14th -      Michael Elder, Cary Robinson

15th -      Willene Glass, Becky Hayes

16th -      Barbara Teel, Margie Ward

17th -      Larry Glenn, Alexander Ward

18th -      Gloria Bradberry, Mary Davis, Ellie Harrison, John Minor

19th -      Mark Sullivan

20th -      Donald Martin, Nancy Taylor, Justin Porter

21st -      Mike Elder

22nd -     Jessie Peoples, Jim Pitts 

23rd -      Jonathan Barrick

24th -      Emma Deason, Mia Deason, Vicki Lockhard, Lauren Morgan,

25th -      Mary Brown, Dan Mims

26th -      Joan Collins

27th -      Deborah Karn, Tammy Lewis

28th -      Ginger Ricks, Kinsley Maddox

29th - 

30th -      Mike Blankenship

31st -      Carrie Constance