First Baptist Church - Clanton, AL
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
A Church with a Passion for His Purpose

Bulletin Board


  Deacons of the Week:  Oct. 22nd
   Bill Maddox, Jim Pitts
  Deacons of the Week:  Oct. 29th
   Gene Sorrell, Gordon Smelley
  Church Security:  Oct. 22nd

   Jimmy Norman, Doug Powell

  Church Security:  Oct. 29th

   Bobby Boozer, Tom Powers



Wednesday Family Supper
CLC Fellowship Hall - 5pm
Oct. 18th              Hamburger Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, Tea, and Dessert
Oct. 25th              Fall Festival (Food, Games, and Candy)
Nov. 1st                Chicken Fingers, Macaroni & Cheese, Limas,  Salad, Tea, and Dessert



October 1st - 31st


1st-          Sherry Ray, Rodney Miller, Trenton Bishop

3rd-          Megan Harrison

4th-          Carolyn Mims, Misty Clecker, Montana Lawrence, Richard Price

5th-          Wayne McKinnon, Bonnie Nail, Linda Robinson, Erin Ward

7th-          David Pierce

9th-          Reid Mitchell

10th-        Larry Felkins, Wade Connell, Kenny Wright, Stanley Adams, Nick Baker, Kyle Henley

11th-        Jessica Edwards, Joyce Williams

12th-         Beau Boyd, Danny Edwards, Katie Head, Grantland Karn

13th-         Bo Blankenship

14th-         Farron Fourroux, Claudia Miller, Tim Williams

15th-         Lexey Monceaux, David Moore, Tricia Reaves, Penny Smith

16th-         Owen Lawrence, Johnna Newton, Renee Powell

17th-         Barbara Bennefield, Whitney Boozer

18th-         Teri Johnson, Harrison Smith

19th-          Larry Abston, Rebecca Glenn, Everette Lewis, Brady McCormick, Elizabeth Moore, Jack Popwell

20th-          Emma-Caitlin Pitts, Meka Smith

21st-          Steve Mims, Kindred Pilling

22nd-          Sherry Cox, Lilly Griffin, Hera Scruggs

23rd-          Peggy Dennis, Hunter Lawson, Blair Little, Gordon Swenson

24th-          Melissa Jones, Barry Kornegay, Graham Michael, Dylan Teel

25th-          Betty Donovan

26th-          Emmett Tyler Ferguson

27th-          Gary Blalock, Cassie Bolling, Cain Easterling, Sonja Henley, Ashely Waldrep Ferguson

28th-          Cameron Echols, Jonathan Palmer, Madison Porter, Emmajean Threlkeld, Cameron Echols

29th-          Stacey Adams

30th-          Keri Brasher, Karen Mims

31st-           McKenzie Abrams, Jacque Adams, Kay Carter, Jesse Wright